XCMG Assists successful closure of the first cable-stayed bridge in Guinea

Just as the domestic efforts are exerted to fight the epidemic as well as the economic and social development, XCMG workers committed to overseas markets are making their own efforts to further expand the internationalization process of XCMG.


A few days ago, a piece of good news came that the first cable-stayed bridge in Guinea was successfully closed with the help of XCMG equipment. XCMG equipment performed well in the construction of the project and was widely praised by the construction team and the local people.



Boffa project was undertaken by Chinalco International. The cable-stayed bridge is 486 meters in total length, 270 meters in main river span, 11 meters in bridge width and 70 meters in main tower height on both sides. The project is featured by tight schedule and difficult construction. XCMG equipment has already been involved early in the project. More than 50 units of XCMG equipment including cranes, rollers and graders have helped the project construction. A XCMG crawler crane played an important role throughout the whole process of closing the cable-stayed bridge with stable hoisting, accurate positioning and trouble-free operation!


XCMG QUY55 crawler crane at the construction site


It is understood that since the kickoff of the bridge project on February 27, 2019, XCMG equipment have overcome adverse impact of local rainstorm and many other bad natural environment, and showed strong performance in equipment construction. High-quality equipment manufactured with XCMG product concept of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products" were fully recognized and affirmed by the project construction party, supervision unit and other participation units.



An official of Chinalco international, the construction party of the project, commented on XCMG,


"XCMG construction machinery boasts powerful capacity and stable performance, and they have made outstanding contributions to the construction of this project. We are very grateful to XCMG staff for their service."


In recent years, XCMG has developed rapidly in Guinea. In 2008, XCMG Guinea was established, mainly engaged in the sales, leasing and service of XCMG construction machinery. In 2011, the local spare parts and after-sales service center was found. It covers more than 10 countries in West Africa. In the same year, XCMG Guinea and Shanghai Construction Group jointly built the Guinea National Stadium.


XCMG aided in construction of Guinea National Stadium


Alpha Conde, President of Guinea, personally test drove XCMG road machinery


In 2018, at the inauguration ceremony of the Koya-Mamu-Dabola highway project on the National Highway No. 1, Alpha Conde, President of Guinea, personally boarded XCMG road machinery for operation and test drive, and praised the excellent performance of XCMG products. At present, XCMG has become the first brand of construction machinery industry in Guinea and even Africa!


XCMG equipment helped local construction in Guinea

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